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I Am Pregnant, Now What?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Unplanned Pregnancy Options

You have three general options when facing an unplanned pregnancy:

Raise the Baby: Find resources that are available to you.

Adoption: Adoption involves creating the parent-child relationship between individuals who are not naturally related. Some local Adoption agencies here

Abortion: Get your questions answered and find help near you. You are not alone.

Spend some time reflecting on your options

Unplanned Pregnancy:Unintended pregnancies are pregnancies that are mistimed, unplanned or unwanted at the time of conception.” ~

Unwanted Pregnancy

Unwanted Pregnancy is a genuine issue that affects millions of people as nearly half (45%) of the 6 million pregnancies each year are unintended. ~(

The impact on women, their family members, etc., can often lead to making hard choices that they never intended. Some of these women may feel pressured to give up their child for adoption, while others may see abortion as their only alternative. While unintended pregnancy is a reality for millions each year, there are many resources and options available: Adoption Services, Pregnancy Centers, Financial Support, Free Medical care, etc.

At Operation Rescue Me, our mission is to connect those struggling with the reality of their unintended pregnancy by connecting them to available resources/options in the Charlotte, NC, area. We want the best possible outcome for those pregnant who seek help to make the right decision concerning their health and their future child’s health. We cherish life and believe that each life is significant and fearfully and wonderfully made!

Operation Rescue Me Annual Event:

We gather annually to connect those struggling with the reality of their unintended pregnancy by connecting them to available resources/options in the Charlotte, NC, area.

Four Reasons To Attend Operation Rescue Me

Operation Rescue Me Unites! We are on a mission to unite local and national ministries for the unborn.

Providing Hope and Solutions For Pregnant Mothers

Supporting Like-Minded Ministries

Raising Awareness & Ministry Opportunities

Learn More Here!

Unplanned Pregnancy Options:

One of the options available for those with an unintended pregnancy is to consider placing their child for adoption.

Adoptive Family Adoption: “Adoption involves creating the parent-child relationship between individuals who are not naturally so related. The adoptive family gives the adopted child the rights, privileges, and duties of a child and heir.” ~

When dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, one of the last options that a prospective parent(s) often considers is Adoption. However, Adoption is a viable option for unplanned pregnancies, especially for those who may be young, are unable to care for their child, do not have support, or were, unfortunately, the victims of a crime like rape. Some many loving individuals and families are seeking to adopt a child or children. In fact, “Each year approximately 140,000 children are adopted in the United States, and approximately 100,000 children in foster care are eligible for adoption, versus approximately 560,000 couples currently seeking to adopt a child.” ~ We are Operation Rescue Me would love to connect you with a local adoption agency that can help find a family suitable for your future child. These public or private agencies can provide prospective parents with finding a family member who can help raise their child. An Adoption agency is also able to provide parents with options like a semi-open adoption. In this adoption process, the parents have less contact with their child, i.e., communicating, but typically no visits. There are also other available options, as some birth parents will opt to continue to remain a part of their child’s life. Every situation is different, and the adoption agency will work with parents to determine which type of adoption works best for all parties involved. Some Benefits of Adoption: *Adoption Services are provided at no cost to expectant mothers * Many women receive medical and financial help during their pregnancy * Adoption is ALWAYS an option, even after your child is born * You are Providing a valued family member to those unable to have or want children. * You are SAVING a LIFE! The Life of your child! ~American Adoptions - Alternative Options to Abortion - You Have Other Options What does adoption mean to a child? Putting a child up for adoption can be one of the most complex decisions a parent has to make. However, sometimes it can be the best decision to choose adoption, especially if the birth mother is young, unable to care for her child, or is physically unfit. Adoption for a child is not always easy, but the best choice in place of abortion. Those who are adopted children may feel not wanted by their birth parents, resulting in feelings of depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, etc. However, placing a child in the care of a loving and supportive family can change their future into a bright and happy one. Also, there are options in the adoption process that make it possible for the birth mother and father to be a part of their adoptive child’s life! In a 2007 National Survey of Adoptive Parents, 85% found those adopted were in excellent or perfect health. Here are some other benefits that the report uncovered for adopted children:

Adopted children were more likely to be read to every day as young children (68 percent of adopted children vs. 48 percent of children in the general population).

Adopted children were more likely to be sung or told stories every day as a young child (73 percent of adopted children vs. 59 percent of children in the general population).

Adopted children were more likely to participate in extracurricular activities as school-age children (85 percent of adopted children vs. 81 percent of children in the general population).

More than half of adopted children have excellent or outstanding reading, language arts, and math performance. Report from: ~

Birth Control Failure & Unplanned Pregnancy So, why are there so many unintended pregnancies? One of the most significant issues with unplanned pregnancies is the failure of birth control. Birth control is not always a 100% guarantee as some women can get pregnant even on birth control! Annually, an estimated nine out of every one-hundred women get pregnant even while on the pill. Those who rely on condoms, that number jumps to twenty out of 100 women! ~ IUD tends to give more protection as those who rely on it for one year have shown that “just one, or possibly none, will get pregnant.”

However, birth control options may be more challenging for those with low income as they may find themselves with: no maternity leave, not a flexible work schedule, and lack of reliable transportation, etc. Unfortunately, birth control can have unwanted side effects like potential weight gain, hormonal imbalance, and candida/yeast infections. The good news is that there are alternatives to standard birth control pills, such as the device called “Lady-Comp”. Lady comp uses a women’s basal morning temperature combined with the date of their last menstruation cycle to help determine whether she is fertile or not. It is an excellent tool to plan for the desired conception without traditional birth control’s possible side effects.

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Operation Rescue Me has a heart for pregnant mothers and their future unborn child! We desire to be a resource: pointing expectant mothers to local unplanned pregnancy options in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. There are many pregnancy options available such as crisis pregnancy centers, adoptive agencies, medical care, financial assistance, and so much more! We want birth mothers to know that they are loved and valued and that the life growing inside of them is loved and treasured as well! Please contact one of our affiliate organizations or us to see what options are available to you!

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