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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Operation Rescue Me had the privilege of joining in the LOVE LIFE CHARLOTTE PRAYER WALK this last Sat (October 9th) It was a blessed time joining with fellow believers and local ministries whose heart is to save the lives of the unborn! We were encouraged by the prayers, testimony, worship, connecting and sharing the gospel even amongst opposition from the abortion clinic across the street. It only encouraged all of the believers that we were doing the right thing and taking a stand against darkness and death! For those of you who were present, thank you for your prayers and support of organizations like Love Life Charlotte and other like-minded ministries. It really does take all of us to make a difference in this world! For those who are curious what a Love Life prayer walk is all about and how you can get involved go here: We also want to encourage you to sign up on our email mailing list (scroll to bottom) so we can keep you updated as our event progresses and takes shape! We hope to have an annual event where we can bring together all of the local ministries in the Charlotte area whose heart is for the lost and hurting and for moms and families looking for HOPE and support! If you or if you know of a ministry who would be interested in joining with us at our event please contact us at: Thank you for your prayers and support! Enjoy some of the pictures and video from the event! Blessings, Michelle

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